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Updated May 31, 2012 - 9:17 pm

History says it's hard to get excited about pick #13

For the second straight season, the Phoenix Suns own the 13th pick in the NBA Draft. In 2011, they selected Markieff Morris out of Kansas.

The ping pong balls have settled, the logo cards have been pulled out of the envelopes, and the order for the 2012 NBA Draft has been determined.

The New Orleans Hornets own the first selection in the draft, which will be held June 28. And unless they get hit in the head by a blunt object between now and then, they'll take Kentucky's Anthony Davis.

The Phoenix Suns, to nobody's surprise, ended up where they were expected to -- with the 13th overall selection.

Unlucky number 13. You thought it was bad for the clueless teens who spent summers at Camp Crystal Lake? It's been just as bad for NBA franchises with the 13th pick in the draft.

OK, that's a stretch. Nobody picking in that slot ever got their head chopped off by a homicidal, goalie mask- wearing psychopath, but the Milwaukee Bucks probably would have preferred decapitation over watching the bust that was Marcus Haislip out of Tennessee, whom they selected in 2002.

Haislip lasted two seasons in Milwaukee, playing sparingly. He got into nine games with Indiana in 2004-05 and then went overseas, becoming the highest-paid foreign player in the history of the Lebanese Basketball League. I'm sure the Bucks didn't envision that career trajectory when they made the pick.

I know what you're thinking, all 13th picks can't be busts. You're right. Kobe Bryant was picked 13th by the Charlotte Hornets back in 1996 and after he whined his way to L.A., he's been an All-Star 14 times and has five championship rings in his collection.

He's been the outlier. Don't believe me? Guess where Terry Dehere, Keon Clark, Courtney Alexander, Haislip, Marcus Banks, Sean May and Julian Wright were all drafted.

Number 13.

In fact, since 1990, only two players picked in the cursed spot have been All-Stars: Bryant and former Pacers forward Dale Davis, who cracked that status once during his 14- year career.

In other words Suns fans, don't get too jazzed about the 13th name commissioner Stern will call out on draft night 28 days from now.

Phoenix will undoubtedly land a player that will make the roster and contribute as a rookie. After all, Markieff Morris was picked there by the Suns just a year ago, and he had a decent rookie campaign (as long as he wasn't in the starting lineup).

And I don't want this to come off as an indictment of the Suns' scouting department. It's not. It's more of an advertisement about how little NBA superstar talent comes into the league on a yearly basis.

History says the chances of the Suns finding their next superstar in their current draft position are next- to-nothing.

Enjoy the draft, everyone!


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