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  • OldAzSportsFan wrote...
    have to agree
    I have to agree. At the price we have him over the next three years you hang on to him. If at the end of next year if he still is having problems, then you get something for him in his last year, or better case scenario you give him the money. He isn't yet great, but he is only 24 years old. We need to remember that. He is a great character guy, how many nineteen year olds can handle fame and fortune coming into the bigs? Football and basketball are littered with the remains of young men who couldn't handle it. Yes, he is frustrating at times, but you keep him.
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  • DanTheTimid wrote...
    Tough but...
    I've never been an Upton fan but I've never had anything against him either. That said, Upton's numbers are bad in the most important stat no one looks at. Mediocre average, whatever, low power, not that big a deal, high Ks, second most over rated stat in baseball, but abysmal RISP BA, that is just unacceptable. RISPBA is quite possibly the most important stat for middle of the lineup hitters, in the same way OBA is more important then BA for top of the order hitters, and its a stat that Upton as of now is hitting .192 with 2 out as of the all star break.
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  • DanTheTimid wrote...
    I'm not saying Upton can't improve with runners in scoring position, but so far he's been so incredibly anti-clutch that even replacing him with a guy who hits .220, but .300 with RISP, would actually likely improve our runs scored as a team. A perfect past example of such a hidden gem player would be craig council when he was with the d-backs. He'd hit something like .260 every year, but .300+ with RISP. Most teams probably wouldn't have traded any real talent for him, yet he was secretly a huge part of our success for the time.
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  • DanTheTimid wrote...
    Upton is the reverse. He shows enough upside in the less important stats that teams may be willing to give up something solid to get him, yet his failures in the important stats means his loss really wouldn't be felt as harshly as I think a lot of people fear it would. I'm not saying I want the team to give Upton away, unless a team offers us something really solid for him I'd rather they keep him, I'm just saying if they do make such an offer, I'm not opposed to at least considering a trade.
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  • Jarrod P. wrote...
    Brauns bets season came at 27. Cargo's best season came at 26. Mc Cutcheons best season is now as a 25 year old. J Up is only 24 and has had 2 all star games and a 4th place MVP season. Is he immature- YES- Is he an annoying whiny baby? YES- Is he a lazy player- YES. Will he figure it out and be a yearly superstar- I think so... I have said for three years that the team needs a respected veteran player to corral these young guys. Jarrod
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