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  • Jon P. wrote...
    Well said Vince
    By the way, I believe I know of the friend you are referring to with no team affiliations. Considering I remember him talking about it a lot, but that was when he had a sports show, lol.
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  • navyfmfdoc66 wrote...
    Team vs Player
    I'd say that supporting a team is akin to one's fandom identity. I'm identified by the team I support, not any particular player. So when a player moves on, the emotion on that subject is short lived. But I'll tell you... I grew up in Seattle and when the Sonics moved, my identity was stripped away. Who do I root for now? So, I love Nash and all that he was to Phoenix... but I am still a Suns fan.
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  • a-rok wrote...
    Nash Fan
    I am a huge Nash fan. I love Steve for his professionalism, the way he plays, his fantastic commercials (we all love them), and I'd really like him to sire one of my children. Him becoming a Laker was a little hard to swallow, but then I thought, it's going to take 2-4 years for the Suns to become relevant to have a rival again. During that time I can still love Steve Nash and pray that the suns have a Thunders-esque rebuilding phase by striking gold in the draft. And you and that friend of your should get your own show again. I was devastated when you guys left the Fan.
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  • Jdanielson wrote...
    Nash betrayed the state of Arizona
    There is no other way around it, Nash spit on the face of everyone who rooted for him, and crapped on his legacy as a Sun. I will boo him as loud as I can when he comes to Phoenix. I will buy tickets to his Ring of Honor ceremony and boo him. It's a simple as that. You're either with us or against us. This pretty much sums up how a Suns fan feels.
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  • Jayy16 wrote...
    You commenters are ridiculous, and Vince....
    You are such a homer its ridiculous. Steve Nash gave 8 years of his life to this franchise. And you're all pissy cause he wants to be close to his kids? get over it.
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