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  • azgbayfan wrote...
    Agree kind of...
    I agree with most of what Gambo says. I don't agree with rebuilding through the draft. Jerry West says you are doing great if you are right 50% of the time. Who was in the playoffs last year. Miami, Boston, Clippers, Hawks, and Knicks. None of these teams have rebuilt through the draft. Each may have a draft pick in there but free agents put their teams over the top. OKC as lucky with Durant and Spurs even luckier with Duncan. The Lakers have 2 Bryant and Bynum. Might be an argument there but they also have Gasol, Metta and now Nash
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  • john_az wrote...
    The NBA draft is a crap shoot, at best, and that's IF you're picking in the top 10. Add that to the competency level of the current front office.....bad news. Horrible deal.
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  • sundevil7901 wrote...
    Horrible deal?
    To lose Nash and get draft picks, which cost the Suns nothing? Look, I'm disgusted that Nash went to the enemy.But the reality is that these draft picks, either directly or indirectly (through trade) give us flexibility to improve. We aren't competing for a title in the next few years anyway. This move helps us build for the future.
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  • esc R. wrote...
    Thats what its about boys. With the new CBA, its hard to build through FA nowadays. Draft is the best way to go because teams want young players. These are assets and we are lucky we got something as Nash was leaving us anyways. Suns have not had any assets to make any moves since the sold all their picks. Find a stud in the draft and build around him. Add trades, FA and drafts and you have a contending team if you are lucky. Suns are going to be bad, and that will be good to get better picks instead of late lottery that are scrubs.
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  • Marc B. wrote...
    Sarver, Babby shoot Blanks
    I agree it's time to rebuild, but they should have traded Nash this past season. They would have gotten more than mid 20s draft picks. Plus we wouldn't have had to watch him go to our most hated rival. I'm not optimistic about Beasley. I've never believed people are taught to have an inner drive. Working hard enough to excel doesn't seem to be on his agenda and with Nash and Hill leaving he won't have a veteran leader to keep him on the straight and narrow. I liked the Dragic signing. I know he struggled to be consistent in Phoenix, but it looks like the time away helped him develop.
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