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  • Fnbrown wrote...
    ...But the Dbax beating the Yankees in 2001 was a bigger deal. Nobody outside of Phoenix remembers the Suns as anything more than the team Jordan's Bulls beat to three-peat during his first stint in the NBA. But everyone remembers the Diamondbacks putting an end to the dominance of the Joe Torre Yankees era, right in the midst of a groundswell of sentimental support for New York following 9/11.
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  • DeeGirl wrote...
    Great memories
    I haven't enjoyed the NBA as much as I did in that era. It was a blast !
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  • Teddy P wrote...
    Well put
    Anyone who lived in the Valley back then would agree there has never been an athlete in Phoenix more famous than Chuck, and a team more loved than the '93 Suns. New uniforms, new coach, new arena, Barkley, and a trip to the Finals against the most popular athlete on the planet (MJ). Phoenix was a booming city, but only had 1.5 pro sports teams (the Cards weren't even relevant until 1998). Everyone was a Suns fan. I mean come on, 250,000 people showed up to a RUNNER-UP parade in 110 degree heat!
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  • mesa mad man wrote...
    i agree
    i agree with most of whats been said here. I do think the Barkley area was a huge jolt to the phoenix area and really is the most memorable team in our states history to arizonans. For the rest of the world though, I definitely think the DBacks of 01 left a bigger impression if not for anything else other than the circumstances it was played (9/11)
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  • sundevilinutah wrote...
    Well stated Vince. I thought the same thing when Horancek was traded, but to this day, that 92-93 season was the most fun to follow. The city was electric from day one, the downtown area came alive, Majerle's on 2nd street was packed as well as every other sports bar. Thanks for the memories!
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