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  • AZFan7 wrote...
    Change Needed reguardless of last night error.
    We have needed a 3rd baseman for a long time now and we caught lighting in a bottle last season with Roberts. He did deserve the opportunity to become the everyday starter. Although not talented enough to be the everyday starter, he is definitely a MLB baseball player and has a gift that every championship team needs. He will never quit on the team and gives you 100% everyday on the field.
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  • Bobby T. wrote...
    Write a column about Upton and how is is a below average player and doesnt try. At least Roberts gives 100% every game he is in unlike Upton who doesnt feel like going full speed for fly balls and only gets hits when we are losing or nobody on base, He is not the face of the franchise and never will be.
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  • Patrick Peterson's Talent wrote...
    Bobby T
    Maybe think about what your writing next time before actually hitting "send".
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