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  • Fred T. wrote...
    football ins't Football anymore
    Football has become a 'passing league'. Why not continue the so called evolution. Get rid of the linemen and only have QB's, WR's and DB's. Just like summer passing leagues. Heck, make it as bad as the arena football 'passing' leagues. That's where it is evolving! Evolving, what a PC word.
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  • Lee A. wrote...
    Passing League
    It's funny - I was watching "Knute Rockne All American" on cable yesterday and whether or not it's historically correct (you know what Hollywood does to real stories), when Rockne advocated using the forward pass as part of the game plan at Notre Dame, it was viewed as heresy. Now almost 100 years later, people are bemoaning the NFL as a passing league? Guess we haven't changed much in 100 years. Unfortunatley, attention spans of people have shortened and lots of action and quick scoring is what the viewing public (fans) want. The NFL is just accomodating... yes evolving.
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