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  • Oby G. wrote...
    Upton time to become the man on this team
    Its time for upton to show he is the man on this team, we really were carried early by cy, but its time for upton to carry this team, he is giving up too much at bats, he needs to work the pitcher more, and just get on base
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  • The Diz wrote...
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  • azgbayfan wrote...
    With riches come spoils
    These guys work their teams for every nickel they can get, and I am ok with that, but then there is no place for slumps and poor starts. He simply gets paid too much for that. With all that money comes expectations that simply need to be met. Technically a slump should be considered a breech of contract.
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  • NMLOBO wrote...
    Its time!
    If memory serves Kevin T. was shopping Upton last year for a while and for some reason he stopped. Well it is now time to do it again but be serious. If we can get anyone for him then it is time. We have a very good replacement on the pine and now is the time to pull the trigger on Justin. I am a little disappointed in Gibson in that he seems to be coddling Upton. He has not set him enough, he has not moved him down in the order, and he has not pitch hit for him when he is missing badly.
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  • 8aferns wrote...
    Holding on to last season
    We still think of him as the guy who received MVP votes last year. He has the tools but this year he isn’t that guy. Check the stats. He’s Gerardo Parra without the glove. Is he trying too hard or saving his hits for at-bats with bases empty? That’s speculation. I wouldn’t put him in as the #3 hitter. 5 players have more RBI’s than Upton one doesn’t play everyday. Upton’s scored the most runs on our team and is only batting about .250. Having him hit #3(right now) is setting us up for disappointment. He’s being productive but just not how and when we need him to.
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