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  • azgbayfan wrote...
    Lets get Real!
    Everybody is in this Championship or complain mode when in reality there are more teams in the NBA have not won a championship than have. A lot of these teams who haven't have had numerous high draft pics that haven't worked out for those who think the Suns need to "bottom out". There is almost no evidence that the concept works. People need to remember that the Suns are a BUSINESS. It is going to take some shrewd maneuvering to get the Suns competitive. Do they have the people who can do that. I don't know, but second guessing moves before they are made won't help.
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  • the cooker wrote...
    Get real Vince
    You may be right about Nash & Hill but who knows if Babby can get anybody that is better than them. They sure don't need someone like Brooks again. Maybe if they could somehow get OKC to trade James Harden they could let them go.
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  • Jarrod P. wrote...
    is coming here the next few seasons.. choose well NAsh, choose well, although I will not celebrate for you if you win a championship like I did for Ray Bourque-- you just dont have that hero aura about you---
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  • brokedamouf wrote...
    We need a plan
    I agree with the theme here. The Suns need a makeover. The most frustrating part of this season was watching the Suns wander in no-man's land. They didn't appear to be rebuilding, and they certainly weren't trying to win anything. The history of this ownership's front office gives PHX fans absolutely no confidence. Trust is easy to break, and difficult to forge. Sarver has squandered the Suns brand after years of mis-management. My sincere hope is that the Suns use this upcoming season to prove they have an actual plan to move this team toward contention.
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