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  • anonymous1523 wrote...
    Did I read this right? Are you really advocating deliberate attempts to injure someone, particularly one of the classiest and respected players in the NHL? You say you'd rather be remembered for the Torres hit rather than being knocked out of the playoffs in the first round every time the Coyotes made it? Why not for making an astounding comeback during the regular season a few years back?
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  • anonymous1523 wrote...
    The Torres hit goes beyond the extreme goonery that is coming to define the 2012 playoffs. This hit will revive arguments from those who are emphatic in their belief that fighting should be banned from hockey all together, which would be a travesty. Back in the old days the NHL was scrappier than it is today, but the players at least had respect for one another. Torres is a disgrace to hockey.
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  • anonymous1523 wrote...
    continued #2...
    "Meaning, if you believe that whatever you deal out to others will be dealt to you in return..." Choose your words wisely. The next time it could be your captain that gets taken off the ice on a stretcher.
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  • westflame202 wrote...
    I agree
    I don't want anyone to get hurt, but I also realize that the Yotes need to play physical in order to win. Hawks fans are making such a big deal about the hit because they lost, plain and simple. We did the same thing after the Shaw/Smith hit (to a much lesser degree). Let's get to round 2!
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  • Coyote girl wrote...
    Fair game
    Nothing has changed in sports violence except the way social media and TV replys has been used to manipulate sports and violence. People are kidding themselves if they think the 'cheap shots' and 'dirty playing' are new or worse. They are not. I's funny the same cheap shot Shaw used against Smith was not an outrage simply because he toughed it out and stayed in the game! I agree that players should not intentionally try to kill an apponent but in reality sports are about winning and money. At whatever cost. There is not one coach in hockey or football that tells their players to play nice!
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