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  • Michael S. wrote...
    You know what Mr. Bloom.
    The Suns could have gotten something for Amare but they rolled the dice and he walked away for nothing. We could have gotten something for Steve Nash but we will probably lose him for nothing in return. The hottest Suns rumors are now to get either a Eric Gordon or Jamal Crawford and try to entice Nash to stay here? I won't blame Nash if he leaves, he deserves better than this. Why don't you put up an article blasting Suns Management because their the ones that deserve it but yet you guys tell us to enjoy the ride.. Ummmm.. Thanks?
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  • JW L. wrote...
    Michael S - You Are
    ...completely RIGHT !!!
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  • Bloomer wrote...
    With all due respect
    While the Suns have made some mistakes in how they've built this team over the last few years, it's my opinion that if we as fans concentrate on what could have been rather than what is we will live a miserable existence. I'm just suggesting to try and take this time to appreciate Steve Nash doing what he's doing for our team, because there is a chance he won't be for much longer. Once the season is over, I'll join you and the other fans in concentrating on what they should do for the future.
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