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  • TBC1977 wrote...
    Adjustment from the triangle... largely to blame. I believe so, anyway. My frustration with Shannon at the beginning of the season was off the charts. Dribble, dribble, dribble, chuck. Every time. But clearly it was about him becoming more comfortable in a new react-to-what-the-defense-gives-you based system as opposed to the regimented nature of the triangle. And I would argue that this system fits and facilitates his skill-set much better. Glad he was able to figure it out.
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  • Patrick Peterson's Talent wrote...
    Keep Brown
    Suns are low on talent, but he's young, athletic and entering his prime. Great off the bench.
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  • hugUhbear wrote...
    Phoenix has got some terribly hard decisions
    It is not just Shannon Brown. Phoenix has also got to be clear about Steve Nash, Telfair, M. Redd, G. Hill and R. Lopez. If your counting that's five. All have made the case that they do have value to this team (an in FA), however, this FO has been talking about this being the off season that they will have money to spend on free agency. Will they though if they take care of signing some of their own FA's? Letting all these guys go creates a lot of holes. Just Hill alone would hurt us alot defensively, if we did not re-sign him.
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  • desert designer wrote...
    Decisions, Decisions, Decisions.........
    Redd, Lopez and Brown are keepers in my mind. The bulk of the cap space would go towards retaining Steve. We have to consider the consequences of keeping him and Grant together. With the team excelling without Grant I'm inclined to let him go but not sure if Steve would stay. Decisions....
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  • johnnyb588 wrote...
    Bad shots still there
    He's still taking the same bad shots, but he's making them more often now. I'm not all that hopeful that his good play will continue. HOWEVER, I do think that playing with the starters is a very good thing for him, and I think Dudz should be moved to the 3 spot for the bench once Hill comes back. Or even... gasp... let Hill come off the bench to help out Bassy with the offense for the 2nd unit.
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