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  • mesa mad man wrote...
    what the heck is this. the incoherant ramblings of a crazy person? I dont understand what this article is about, much less how anyone could find it entertaining. In this case, the d in dbacks stands for did i really just waste 5 minutes of my life reading this?
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  • Chandler59 wrote...
    Love the C man. But I would suggest that D stand for Discipline and the 3rd award should be the World Series Trophy.
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  • celeiot1 wrote...
    Good Stuff
    Gibby is the reason that this team is where it is. A ton of the success needs to be attributed to Towers as well, but Gibby holds his players accountable and his "get off my lawn" personality keeps the D-Backs focused. The D-Backs are going to win a lot of games this year and in the upcoming years and could be building something really special. Whatever they need to do to lock up Gibby, they should do it now.
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