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  • Guyinaz wrote...
    Bad back, bad on knees
    If his back is bad, that spells trouble for his knees. Your back controls your posture and if he is having pain his body compensates by shifting your overall weight distribution to the front of your knees and other parts of the body.
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  • hugUhbear wrote...
    What could have been.....
    If the Suns had been willing to pay David Lee we could have had him. He is a rebounding scorer that hustles. After NY signed Amare they traded david for basically nothing to goldenstate. We should have made that deal with NY before Amare walked, it was there for the taking.
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  • CHAOS123 wrote...
    The signings were just as bad
    the players that replaced Amare are on the DNP list 90% of the time so those moves were just as bad if not worse than the Amare contract.Both teams will be paying for players not to be on the court bad deals for both teams.
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