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  • AZSPORTFAN wrote...
    So what if Flynn set a franchise record in ONE game... it doesn't make him a sure thing either. Kolb became the first quarterback in NFL history to throw for more than 300 yards in each of his first two career starts and then named the NFC Offensive Player of the Week..... Manning is is different.... Also, more than half the teams in the league do have interest in Manning but they know they have no chance in getting him. I also think no matter who you have there is always someone better to take that job. Every NFL orginazation knows this. I persnally like KOLB he just needs a chance....
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  • FitzIsMyHero wrote...
    I don't know how to run a NFL team. Mostly bcuz of money. It's all politics. Who gets paid more. Who should get paid more etc. I do know football tho. Played football. I know what it takes for a football team to win. This football team ain't winning bcuz of their O Line and QBs. It's my opinion that the O Line makes the QB. Manning, Brady, Breese, Rodgers have excellent protection. But then there's QBs who make themselves w/o a line. Guys like Warner, E. Manning, Rivers, Roethlisberger etc. WE DON'T HAVE EITHER ONE RIGHT NOW!
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  • FitzIsMyHero wrote...
    The Cards are either going to improve the line and give Kolb & Skelton a open competition for the job (which I think they should cuz Kolb didn't prove anything other than that he's truly prone to concussions). Skelton could only produce results in the 4th qtr. But to win you also have to play the first 3 qtrs too... Or their going to hire a guy like Manning and hope something good turns out of it. Sometimes, you need to put aside the facts and hope it goes your way. Like it was a fact when AZ signed Warner he was obviously washed up, and they hoped he'd be a good enuff backup.
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  • ProCardinals wrote...
    Peyton's choice.
    I've heard all of the arguments of why or why not Peyton will chose the Cards as his next team, but there in lies the rub--it's Peyton's choice. Which team is similar to the Colts--the Cardinals. Which team requires an immediate answer to decide about keeping or releasing their present QB? The Cardinals. Which team has employeed under their roster one of Peyton's favorite QB coaches? Once again the Cardinals. Peyotn has been quoted to say that money is not the incentive for his choice, but rather which team can offer him a better fit for another Super Bowl ring. It's Peyton's choice.
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  • JVC wrote...
    Release Kolb that's first thing to do. Shore up the O-line get that RT Guard and Left Tackle. Then go get TO for a 1 year veteran minimum. Yeah I know, but name 2 receivers that is better that TO and for a Vet minimum you can send him home if he acts up. TO will pull the double team of Larry and TO will be hungry to prove that he belongs back in the NFL. Then Go get Manning. Draft ASU's old QB Oswiller ( I think hes better than Skeleton)just in case Manning say no. But then I don't own an NFL team so I can do some wishfull thinking.
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