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  • Patrick Peterson's Talent wrote...
    Great Points Calvisi
    Get this to Peyton's camp ASAP!
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  • The Big Truth wrote...
    You are soooooo wrong Paul. And Doug. And Wolf. You guys are like little school girls when it coming to Peyton Manning, to the point it is really annoying to hear any of you & I change the station. ARIZONA DOES NOT NEED ANOTHER OLD, BROKEN DOWN 1-2 YEAR PLAYER!!!! Grow up already!! Even if you close your eyes and pray real hard, this will not & SHOULD NOT happen. Ding this. And will someone please tell Ned to NOT talk during the sports broadcast! He sounds like a moron.
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  • SpaceRig wrote...
    Truth, you're crazy! You're going to call Kurt Warner, an old broken down QB?! Manning, besides this season, has NEVER MISSED A GAME. If the dude can play he'll play; he's not going to tarnish his HOF career by going out and half assing it if he's not ready to go. Basically, if Manning can generate the amount of success that "old broken down" Warner did I'll take an old broken down QB any day.
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  • theuglytruth wrote...
    Peyton Manning.. the superior choice. It's just so clear that he would be an upgrade. No matter how many hobby GM's post their reasons, articulate or not, against the Cards pursuing PM. It's the right thing for them to do. I'm sure they've done their homework, reviewed scenario's (cap room, offensive scheme, etc), and will make contact. It's really up to Manning, and if he thinks he can prosper here and benefit both the team and himself in a quest for a championship. Best of luck to the Cards!
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  • Jim C. wrote...
    Staying Alive
    If I'm PM, I look at the Cards O Line and seriously worry if I would see my 37th Birthday.
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