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  • Xerxes910 wrote...
    How It Looks
    You have to have the same perspective as the Cardinals have, if the seats are filled who cares who they root for. Would I like them all to be Coyotes fans, absolutely! But those Vancouver fans who live here are potential season ticket holders if the ownership fiasco is ever solved. People can root for more than one team. Yotes fan unless playing the Canucks...I'll take it! I just want seats filled and great games to watch, and once again Maloney and Tippett are showing why they are the best in the NHL considering what monster obstacles and distractions they face each year.
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  • AzDraon wrote...
    Great Win!
    I would rather see a packed house with arizona residents rooting for the other team, than no one in attendance. I believe that is one of the primary reasons the NHL wants to keep the coyotes in AZ is because even if the coyotes don't sell out the place, the opposing team will.
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  • johnnyb588 wrote...
    Maybe if they didn't play in Glendale
    I would be interested in going. An hour drive each way just isn't that appealing, especially when I can watch the games on TV from the comfort of my own home. The NHL just doesn't have the same draw as the NFL, and I don't think the Coyotes should have built their arena where it's inconvenient for more than half the Valley to reach.
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