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  • Bossfan wrote...
    A six pack would be too much!
    In the words of Buddy Ryan, "I would trade this guy for a six-pack." Face it he flat out sucks. Name me one player that the Suns have drafted under Sarver that has pained out? Sarver is a joke. He could not find water if he fell out of a boat. Cut him now, release him, do whatever, but do not pay this clown. Bumping a referee? I got an idea, Robin how about you bump the opposing team and get some rebounds. No, that would show you have heart.
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  • hugUhbear wrote...
    Qs to Gambadora - you said
    "Lopez is hurting the Phoenix Suns. He is taking playing time away from players more deserving of it and his volatile demeanor is a negative in the locker room" ---The more deserving players he is taking time away from; you arn't referring to Frye are you??
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  • DanTheTimid wrote...
    Can we get value for him?
    I think we MIGHT be able to get something for Lopez, he's still attractive do to his size and the fact there are many coaches out there who believe they can pull out of players the hidden talent other coaches can't, and if such teams exist, I really think you've gotta make something happen. Honestly, with Gortat, Lopez would be a luxury to keep around if he was actually playing decent, but as he's been stinking up the place theres really no place for him on this team. Better to get something for him if you can then to just let him walk.
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  • OpinionH8d wrote...
    And what was the preseason buzz?
    The biggest impression made in preseason was supposed to have been Lopez. What happened? I knew that was a horrible pick as soon as it was announced. Can't think of a team that's worse with draft picks than the Suns.
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  • esc R. wrote...
    Start with Lopez
    and send out nash and hill too. blow this team up and rebuild through the draft. This team is too old and unathletic. These younger bad teams run all over the suns. There is not much talent on this roster. This year and next years draft would be great to rebuild through.
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