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  • tmax1976 wrote...
    Trading Nash?
    I agree with Gambo that of those three possible trade destinations, none would be appealing enough for the Suns front office to pull the trigger. However, I could see Portland as a possible suitor for Steve Nash and Robin Lopez, for a package of Greg Oden, Raymond Felton, a first rounder and players to fill in the salaries. I love Nash and would love to see him finish his career in Phoenix, but he has worked tirelessly to keep the Suns relevant and deserves to find success elsewhere if he chooses to do so.
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  • TBC1977 wrote...
    Steve Nash will finish his career as a Sun
    and he should. If he doesn't want to leave, they owe it to him to keep him here. The "business as usual" rot in the NBA doesn't apply here because Steve has more old-school loyalty (see: character) than all the other superstars in the league put together. When he says that the sense of "community" and "team" are more important to him than an elusive shot at a title that may or may not happen (as he says, there are no guarantees), I believe him.
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  • TBC1977 wrote...
    If they're going to suck anyway, why not at least suck with arugably the best player to ever don the team uniform as long as he wants to be here? This "gotta get something in return for your assets" paradigm has so jaded everyone's thinking that they simply cannot see any other perspective any more. The Suns are Steve Nash. Steve Nash is the Suns. It's as it should be and as it should stay, as long as he wants it to be that way. If he changes his mind, they have every obligation to try to find him another home. As Babby says, "he's earned that right." End of story.
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  • AJ1 wrote...
    I agree with TBC1977
    Let him stay as long as he will. I still think having him on the team makes the Suns a more attractive spot for one of the free agents they want to attract this summer.
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  • Luis R. wrote...
    I disagree with TBC1977...
    because Nash will not sign with the Suns next year and the Suns will not sign him. He wants a chance to win a title and he should be able to. He will not finish his career with the Suns. He will probably play the rest of the year here but he will play a few more years somewhere else. With that being said, why not get something in return for him.
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