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  • sundevil7901 wrote...
    Thanks for laying all of the stats out there, Tyler. I hope that people have had a chance to calm down and not get so hung up over the fact that Graham isn't a "name" guy. His resume stacks up with just about anyone else that has been mentioned as a serious candidate for the ASU job.
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  • 6thCavAirCav wrote...
    I will wait and see.
    I am not about to place my money on this coach. I will not renew my season ticket till he proves that he can walk the walk. He sure can talk though. Maybe 2013 I'll get season tickets again. I know I'm not the only one out there either. I would still like to see Love and Crowe go away for making the school look inept in every sense of the word.
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  • kpinaz wrote...
    I wonder what fans think about the fact that the second that RichRod called Graham's assistants, they all bolted from Pitt for Tucson? In fact, the entire thing seems to have A LOT of connections to the UA's hiring of Rodriguez. Seems like Love was feeling the pressure to keep up with the wildcats.....
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  • NoClass wrote...
    Graham has no class
    To ASU fans: Careful what you ask for, cause you will surely get it! You'll see in a year or so when the "next-best-thing" comes around and he bolts on his players just like he did at Rice. Just like he did at Tulsa. Just like he did at Pitt. 20 hours before his depature from Pitt, he spoke to local high school coaches and players about commitment and integrity. A few short hours later, he was job hunting and left his players that were dedicated to him, with just a simple text mesage. A TEXT MESSAGE??? Bye. NICE CLASS TODD!! Liar and a scumbag!
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  • jbaca20 wrote...
    Confused - big name does not = instant success...
    People tend to forget at the time, Dennis erickson was a big name. 2 years into his tenure people were asking for his head. Just cause your a big name doesn't not mean your going to have success. This is a wait and see hire like any hire the school was going to make. Let's wait and see. And I do disagree with the whole career stop comment. What about frank kush?
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