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  • hugUhbear wrote...
    Can't believe this
    28y.o. grad student who becomes a football assistant walks in and personally see's Sandusky raping a 10y.o. boy-- walks out tells his father and then they both tell Paterno in 2002. That grad student starts working as a assistant coach along with Paterno and rest of staff with Sandusky, knowing he is a molestor and they never call the police. 2008 a grand jury finally after 10 years of complaints looks into said coplaints for 3 years. $ months ago the facts come out and Pitt lets Paterno break all time wins record before this scandal blows up. Paterno should burn for this.
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  • Fred T. wrote...
    Let's examine the facts as they stand. 1) Sandusky retired in 1999. 2) The shower allegation was in 2002. 3) The only thing worse than a child molester is someone being accused of being a child molester who isn't. 4) The 28-yr old didn't call police. he didn't confront the incident while it occurred. He didn't stop it. 5) Paterno was told of an 'allegation'. (See #3). He told the head of the campus police and the AD. Remember, Sandusky didn't work there at the time.
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  • Fred T. wrote...
    Cover up
    The board of trustees should be fired as well. They have made a decision because of the over-hype and media yelping. The media brought bad press about PSU. The trustees cut bait and ran. Joe sai, "In hindsight" meaning had he known what had really occurred, he'd have done things different. He didn't know. All he had was a day old allegation. He did the right thing. The PC police win again.
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  • Guyinaz wrote...
    You fire everyone!
    First off, those Penn State kids turning over cars should be thrown off campus and sent to the University of Phoenix where they belong. Give me a break you idiots Second, they should fire everyone top to bottom, all the way to the dean, including the board of trustees. You must ensure a cover up never happens again. How coincidental is it that this comes out AFTER Joe Pa breaks the record? Shameless
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