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  • NickyPinks wrote...
    Bad idea. Bet u thought it was a good idea ...
    drafting Levi instead of AP when we had James. Levi's gone next year & that will free up cap room & let us sign a vet LT & RT. Anyone will be an upgrade. Two decent tackles & a #2 WR and the O becomes dangerous. Give Kolb one last shot and, if he doesn't perform, you still have a potential perenial starter on the bench. Worked out for Rodgers, didn't it? Kolb's salary is backloaded for this exact reason. Luck isn't going to cost much per the rookie wage scale. This article follows the same logic the Cards have used forever & it repeatedly fails. Good work.
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  • Guyinaz wrote...
    Trade it
    Get the #1 pick and trade for someone's entire draft - like the Saints did to get Ricky Williams back in the day.
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  • DanTheTimid wrote...
    I'm not against trading the pick but...
    I'm also not against just trying to trade Kolb instead. Honestly I don't think they will get a shot at him (have you seen the colts play?) but if they do, he appears to be the kind of QB that can carry a team (ala warner or manning) and make up for their flaws. If you go for Luck I don't think you just bench kolb, or make luck his under study, I think you try to get some value for him in a trade and maybe start Skelton till Luck is ready, but unless some one is blowing you away with a trade offer for Luck I do think you take him.
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  • redjman66 wrote...
    suck for luck?
    Or suck for draft picks? That's another topic though. I do believe Kolb can be good if he is allowed more than half a second to throw w/out being hit, or if he had someone good to throw to outside of Fitz. If nothing else we invested too much in him to give him up this early. I say trade it for someone else's top 3 or 4 picks. You know Miami or Denver would be willing to. Trade it, make top pick either a wide receiver or a left tackle, and go from there.
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  • Stix7 wrote...
    Fully Disagree
    You don't ride a bad investment into the ground simply because it was a big investment. The most successful people are those who can admit their mistake and take advantage of a better opportunity when they see it. I have no doubt Kolb can be good, possibly a top 15 QB. But he is never going to be a top-5 QB, Luck has that potential and you don't pass on that. Get your QB and then build around him, this is common sense.
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