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  • Wanabeafan wrote...
    Just Tired
    Sorry, I'm just really tired of hearing about how much money the NBA ( No Body is Above ) us league is loosing. I wish they would just stop all of "The Palaver" already. The sun will rise and set whether the NBA is here or not. I wish it would just go away..
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  • Baldy wrote...
    I have sympathy for the businesses and the employees who rely on the NBA for their livelihood. As to the players, none! Average salaries of 5.1 million a year is just not enough...right. Seemingly half of the players are felons who left college early because they had no chance of obtaining a degree. End the season, end play for a decade and maybe we will find athletes who do not believe they are gods.
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  • Scott S. wrote...
    Get rid of David Stern...
    He's the worst commissioner in the history of sports. I've been saying this for years. The league during his reign of terror has become a shell of it's old self. There's no parity anymore, which is untrue with the NFL, MLB, and NHL. With the way things are shaping up recently, there's going to be 4 good teams loaded with superstars, and the rest of the teams for them to beat up on.
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  • Tennisgrandpa wrote...
    Total Agreement
    Sterns is the problem. The NBA has lost me for this year, IF I come back for next season, it'll only be if Sterns is gone. Otherwise the 3 other major sports here in the valley will get my sports entertainment money. Jerry Colangelo for Commissioner!!!
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  • senseikompani wrote...
    NBA has lost me period.
    I don't care anymore. Who care about the 10% fighting over their Billions $$$$$. We are the 90% trying to survive and make a living. Why should we care about these arrogant Billionaires?
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