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  • BrewCrewAZ wrote...
    It's just a matter of time. It may not happen this year, but they will expand at some point in the next couple of years.
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  • Teddy P wrote...
    I could not agree more. The Big 12 is falling apart and Texas has no place to go. The Pac is in control. If USC (the main football attraction in the LA market) can agree to revenue sharing, then Texas needs to do the same. Texas just thinks it is so much better than everyone else. If that were true, then their conference would not be falling apart.
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  • Larry B. wrote...
    Texas goes independent?
    The real potential here is for Texas to find a home for its other sports, but have football go independent a la Notre Dame. Texas is in an even better position to do this than Notre Dame was, because the Longhorn network gives Texas more reliable income than Notre Dame had with its exclusive NBC agreement. Plus, Texas would get to keep all of the winnings from any bowl game appearance, revenue it now has to share with the Big 12 teams. I just hope no conference falls for Texas' unequal treatment demands, nor any crazy situation like Notre Dame set up for its football program.
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