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  • DanTheTimid wrote...
    Glad the umps did what they did
    Admiring a home run is unsportsmanlike, but it doesn't really hurt anyone. Throwing a rock like ball 90+ miles an hour at some one absolutely can. There's a reason we don't publicly stone criminals anymore, and admiring a homerun is hardly a criminal offense. The umpires sent a message yesterday, this childish, inhumane, bull-poo will not be tolerated. You want "protecting" teamates via throwing at players to be part of the game, first work at getting every player to wear football/hockey like body armor, other wise your just supporting a disgusting thug mentality.
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  • Tracy C. wrote...
    they git so right.
    Para did nothing wrong. let alone to deserve intentionally being thrown at. He watched a home run in plain veiw of a pitcher who moments early tied to KILL him by throwing a 96 mph fast ball at his face. Then he sprinted around the bases. Mattingly wasn't really that upset about the ejection he was even done aruging a on his way back to the dugout when he saw his ACE crying like a 13 year old girl PMSing for the first time, and then went back to the umpire to "stick up for his so called ace.
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  • kayelbe wrote...
    Umps got it right
    Both teams were warned the night before. Kershaw was shown on the tv broadcast telling Parra words to the effect of "I'm pitching tomorrow--you just wait". Kershaw was dead on in the strikezone the entire night, and COINCIDENTALLY(?) missed a foot inside to hit COINCIDENTALLY (?) Parra? If you believe this was not intentional, then you have your head..well you know.
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  • Tennisgrandpa wrote...
    Next time
    Here's a little info for Kershaw. The next time you want to plunk someone and stay in the game, don't make threats in front of the umpires who are going to be calling your game doofus. If he would have kept his mouth shut and just did it, there would have been a warning on both sides and that would have been that. But being in LA, close to Hollyweird, they gotta be onstage. So tough noogies Kershaw, now pay the fine.
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  • VOA wrote...
    Parra gets last laugh
    I can't be in the minority by expecting an immediate ejection for this. Kershaw screwed up by pointing at Parra and jaw jacking the night before. Had he hit anyone else there would have only been a warning. Plain stupidity for drilling the same guy you warned the night before. It's the same old story......husband tells a friend he wishes his wife was no longer around, she turns up missing, guess who the cops want to talk to? Same thing here, intent, motive, comission of act, PUNISHMENT.
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