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  • Tennisgrandpa wrote...
    blah blah blah
    quit whining. the glass is always half empty.
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  • onepoker wrote...
    5 days of practice and you see holes?
    AJ Jefferson made some fantastic plays. He was a little slow getting his head around but I think he was busy concentrating on getting to the right place on the field. He will be fine come week one. Ware as you said was just brought in this week. he has had what 2 days of practice with ray horton? Maybe we should just assume that this is your preseason also and not judge you too harshly, i am sure with time you will develop or maybe by week one they will cut the reporters who can't seem to understand how teams develop. I see a few holes myself.
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  • dominusrex wrote...
    Scared of the secondary's potential...
    I must have been watching a different ballgame because I was salivating at the promise of the secondary. Sure the 2nd or 3rd stringers gave up more big plays than desired, but the starting group had many promising points. What you should be focusing on is the lack of penetration by the D-line (that's what she said). It will be great to see a real defense in place that will put pressure on the quaterback without the need for blitzing and allow heavier coverage in the secondary.
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  • BrewCrewAZ wrote...
    AJ Jefferson
    We must have been watching two different games because I thought Jefferson really stood out. I'm not saying he is starting material yet, but maybe a year or two down the road. Anyways, this is typical overreaction from the first preseason game.
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  • Kreedos wrote...
    Very first preseason game!
    One-Its the first Preseason game, a good chunk of these guys only had 5 practices under their belt as a unit. Two-New DC, vanilla schemes, and once again, its the First preseason game. Three- its the FIRST preseason game!!!! Pump the brakes on the doom and gloom outlook...!
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