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  • Hani H. wrote...
    Love the Article
    I love basketball more than any sport and love watching the NBA. My biggest concern with the NBA is how much officiating can change the outcome of a game. Officials in the NBA always make favorable foul calls to the home teams and super stars which is unfair. I am starting to hate the NBA more and more because of this main reason.
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  • Tennisgrandpa wrote...
    Should they remain nameless? who cares, they should be honest. NBA refs are dirty and Sterns knows it. Tim donaghy was proof, check out the excerpts from his book. You know, the book Sterns went out of his way to prevent hitting the bookstores. Sterns held his own investigation after Donaghy got busted and said 50% of the NBA refs violated gambling policy, yet no one was suspended. The NBA is corrupt and is an insult to basketball. Try investigating that instead of refs being nameless.
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