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    higherlevel wrote...
    Shaquille O'Neal/Celtics
    The cancer Shaq comment was a little out of line and too harsh.
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  • GeorgeMcCasland wrote...
    Was He The Perpetrator, or the Victim?
    Perhaps Seau drove off the cliff because he's actually the abuse victim, but as male police officers always arrest the man. Half of DV victims are men, regardless of their size, because the women know they can get away with it. An example is in a 2005 COPS episode. A female officer noted the bruises on a woman’s was her own hand size. The male officer didn't arrest the man, but told him he could still be charged under the mandatory arrest law. The girlfriend of Seau had minor bruises, not something a large man would leave. A-Daughters-Story-Of-Abuse.dads-house org DAHMW-FaceBook.waits4u com
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