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    Gary K. wrote...
    Most would agree that Kerry Rhodes is an upgrade from a pure coverage and scheme standpoint. D. Washington is more of a replacement for Dansby than is Porter. The Cardinals' record without Boldin is is overwhelmingly over .500. The only significant step back is at QB, but the 49ers have just as big of a question mark at the QB position. Right now I say QB edge goes to 49ers, but coaching edge goes to Cards. The division will be competitive to the end, and to say that the Cards don't have just as legitimate a shot as the 49ers is the product of very lazy analysis.
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  • Eugene M. wrote...
    KTAR is just letting ..
    ..anybody write for them these days. Who IS this guy and what is he smoking?
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  • James C. wrote...
    Fuzzy analysis...correct result?
    The Cardinals won 8, 9, and 10 games with a hall of fame quarterback. Now they have DA. I know I'm in the minority here, but I think a lot of coaches could have won that many games with the Cardinals the last three years. I have more concerns about new weaknesses than I have confidence in areas the team improved. This leads me to believe the team will be worse than last year. If the Redbirds stumble out of the gate, a 2-4 start could be difficult to overcome, even with the cream filling of their schedule.
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