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Updated Apr 9, 2012 - 4:45 pm

Gibbyball is Money(ball)

Gibbyball: The Movie Image by Charlie Feinerman/Arizona Sports

Didn't Moneyball just earn multiple Oscar nominations? #Ding. Because you know what they say about Hollywood, that it's a copycat league, right?

With that in mind, Paulie Producer is ready to pose a question (and it has nothing to do with whether the Ferris Wheel is worthy of the D-backs' rotation. #Tired).

Instead, we're just curious: who's going to play the lead in GibbyBall? I mean, if they can cast Brad Pitt as Billy Beane, then who's going to play the role of Kirk Gibson? (My initial offering: a younger Clint Eastwood would be perfect; for example, can't you just see Gibson with his 3-day stubble and square jaw intoning - "Get Off My Lawn/Go Ahead, Make My Day")

More importantly, who's taking notes on this era of GibbyBall?! Anybody? Does the "D" in D-back stand for "Diary" with anyone in the A-Z? (Hey, we coined the nickname, isn't that bit of heavy lifting more than enough?! We're worn out already…geez.)

People, we've got a summer blockbuster on our hands here. The very glitz and glamour that Kirk Gibson would despise is the very reason Hollywood has to roll out the Sedona red carpet. Three words: "GibbyBall - The Movie." .

Think about the various plotlines: the same guy who gets passed over for A.J. Hinch is the same skipper who never says a word and then keeps those same decision makers' keisters from blowing in the wind. All the while, achieving the impossible and putting fans' keisters in the seats. The former MVP as a player is known for his volcanic temper, yet it never erupts. Somehow, with all eyes on him, the D stands for - dormant. Yet, he channels that fury and intensity into his club, effectively giving organizational advocacy an organizational lobotomy.

At the same time, the dude is a one-man marketing magnet who refuses to be marketed. Heck, he sells his famous HR bat from the '88 World Series for more than a million dollars to benefit charity. Next, he plans to auction off his NL Manager of the Year Award. Perfect. Because, as we know, these things happen in threes. Which means we really have to get him that golden statuette. ("And the Oscar goes to…GibbyBall!")

In between, we're still confounded by the fact that this season is upon us and we still haven't figured out how Kirk Gibson made it happen last season? Coming off consecutive last place finishes and a brand of play that was insulting to the game itself, GibbyBall didn't just change the culture, he created it.

In fact, to properly illustrate this point on the silver screen, Paulie Producer would open the movie with Gibson standing at a press podium sparring with incredulous media members who all want to know his plan? And this is where I would edit in the archive sound bite from one of his first press conferences, circa February 2011, that would then become the first words heard in the movie:

"Our intensity and the way we compete is going to change. It's gonna change. Trust me. We won't be well-liked." --GibbyBall.

And the rest is history, as they say in the movie biz. By the time the credits roll, we realize that you can't put a price on credibility. And you can't measure the value of giving a team a true identity.

That's GibbyBall. Where the D in Dback stands for = DNA.


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